Ma Ganga

My beautiful Ghat,

Where I spent many a scorching Indian day,

Where all the colourful souls come out to play.

That magnificent river so noble and wise,

My favourite spot for yoga at sunrise.

Among the hustle and bustle of that crazy town,

It was the perfect place to watch the sun go down.

A significant stop on my path,

I cleansed my soul with each Ganga bath.

I found the space to look deep inside,

Trying to make sense of that rippling tide.

Carefully watching its ebb and flow,

Beneath the moonlights glorious glow.

The surface ripples sing a gentle like a song,

But underneath lies a tremendous power so so strong.

Day by day my soul felt so alive and free

And the power of the Ganga became a part of me

In my heart she filled a hole,

And now wherever I go Ma Ganga lives in my soul.

Love Taloola Peach xx