Who are you?
Are you the clothes that you wear?
The way you style your hair?
Are you that cute smile, that crazy dance?
That first glance.
The judgements that you make,
Or the breath that you take.Those deep green eyes?
Your nationality, your colour, your size?
Or all the things your body can do?
Ask yourself who are you?
Are you the words that you speak?
The approval that you seek?
All the things you’ve been told
That person society wants to mould.
Do you really know yourself?
Not only your light but also your dark
That place where all your wounds have left their mark.
Where only you can really know
And only you must be willing to go.
It’s pretty scary what you’ll find there
That place that you never intend to share.
Is that really you?
Could this shadow be a part of you too?
The emotions you keep trying to hide away.
What are they really trying to say?
Have you ever acknowledged this place
Spent any time in this space?
It’s the most important thing you will ever do.
For all the answers lie deep within you.
Yes this is really me.
Now can I be free?
But who am I?
I am everything
I am nothing
I am
Who are you?

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