Do you ever find yourself having a bad day that just doesn’t seem to leave. Your energy is low or your are just down in the dumps?

Here are some tips you can use to pick yourself up…

heart in the sand

Give yourself attention

When your energy is low it is usually a sign that you need to take care of yourself. Either physically, emotionally or mentally, take care of your body, give yourself love and rest. Do whatever you need to do…. cry/roar/sleep/laugh!

 Don’t fight it

However you feel… its okay to feel that way! Fighting how you feel is useless and takes more energy than it does to accept it and nurture your feelings.

Understand the cause of your dip

Life is like a rollercoaster and its completely normal to feel down sometimes but its important to understand why you are feeling down. Ask yourself was it a person/situation/negative thoughts? Get to know yourself. For me it helps me get to the bottom of it if I write it down.


Take some time to focus on your breath. Breathing slowly and fully with awareness can revitalise your body and mind. It can help to go outdoors and just breathe in some fresh oxygen and take in some healing energy from nature.


Talk about it

We have all heard the phrase “a problem shared is a problem halved” right? Expressing your feelings can be very liberating. Finding a good friend or family member to speak to about our feelings can leave us feeling light, supported and loved.

Do something nice/just laugh!

Its always good to do something nice for yourself. By doing something nice or funny you will distract your mind a little bit and become more relaxed. My favourite little laughing exercise is to look in the mirror and do the most ridiculous fake laugh and keep doing it until it turns into a real laugh!hahaha

Trust the Universe and see the lesson

Even if t doesn’t feel like it at the time just trust that there is a reason for this period. There is always a lesson to be learned and if we can gain some insight into ourselves from this experience then we can grow and prevent future dips!

Ps. its totally ok to enjoy and accept a down period sometimes!

Lots of love




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