The fire within

Close your eyes wherever you may be,

Pause a minute and listen with me,

Listen close… there’s a murmur deep inside,

Buried under a mountain of fears built up over the years.

Dig them out, one by one.

Feeling how they way a tonne.

You don’t remember handing them invitations,

They are just a bunch of stupid limitations.

Toss them aside, you don’t need them anymore.

Now pause a second and look deep inside your core.

What’s been hiding under there?

Listen close…. can you hear a gentle whisper?

Call it out, let it flow,

Feel it envelope your soul with a gentle glow.

Listen close…. what’s it saying?

Only you can know.

Can you hear it now?

Its your hearts desire,

Now spark it up and light that fire.

Listen close to the fire that burning from within.

Now as you go about your day,

Listen close…. and trust that it knows the way.

Lots of love


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