297930721For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term ‘visa run’, it’s when your visa only permits you to stay in the country for a certain period of time so you need to leave the country to get the visa stamped. The easiest way to do this is to cross the boarder into a neighbouring country and re-enter again the same day.

I am lucky enough that I only need to do this every three months as its a lot of travelling in one day. But hey who doesn’t love a free shopping trip to Hong Kong. My school paid for my flight to Shenzhen which is about 2 hours and then I got the metro to Futian check point, where I went through customs and walked across the boarder and boom I was in Hong Kong.

My flight back wasn’t until 9.30 pm so I had some time to venture into Hong Kong for some shopping. I took the metro to Mong Kok as I had read that this is the place to grab a good bargain! As soon as I surfaced from the metro station I was met with bustling streets filled with people and all sorts of shops. I quickly found ‘ladies street’ which is a street full of market stalls selling everything from clothes, phone accessories, gadgets, paintings, and all the usual ‘made in China’ items! Most of the vendors were friendly and could speak English. Except for one (there’s always one)! I had bargained to buy some head phones but then decided against as I walked away I heard “fak you laydee, fak you!!” Which was a bit disturbing but I could only laugh!

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After that I decided it was time to eat. I had researched some vegan restuaraunts online before hand and was looking for this one called ‘Bodhisttva’, when I finally found it I realised it was a Chinese style restaurant and it looked pretty busy there was no spare tables. So I set off in search of a vegan feast which was actually proving to be quite dificult. But I  got excited when I saw aMarks and Spencer as they do really nice salads and they had a cafe… Bingo 🙂 I had a nutty salad with falafel and I also got some to take away for the plane. Now my tummy was full I was ready to face the shops again.The next street I turned was full of branded shoe shops selling, Nike, adidas, converse, puma all the top brands for cheap. I ended up buying some Nike trainers which was kind of a spur of the moment decision but I needed new trainers and I really like them! I am not sure if they are real or not but life is just an illusion anyway right?! Some of my other loot from the day included a mobile power bank and a 2 metre charging cable, a nutty superfood salad and some peppermint tea which I was most excited about!

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By then it was time to begin the journey back to Hefei. Why is the journey back always longer? Luckily the queues at the border controls weren’t too long and 6 metros later I was back at Shenzen airport. I reached home around 1am, exhausted but happy with the day’s adventure. And feeling grateful and knowing that no matter where I am in the world, if you are in love with the world, the world will be in love with you too.


Lots of love xx

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