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Living in the moment

When we live fully in the moment we can feel more alive and free and can bring so much more joy to our daily lives.

Do you ever notice that you are doing something but your mind is in another place?          Or you are reading a book and you suddenly realise that you don’t remember reading the last few lines because your mind was somewhere else?

I have noticed that sometimes I get gentle reminders that I need to focus more on the present. Like when I lose something or lock my key inside the apartment! Or when I am chopping vegetables but chop my finger instead! Thank you universe…. that was a painful one!

Our minds are constantly wandering thinking of what happened yesterday, or what’s going to happen in the future. But if we can practice focusing all of our attention on the present moment we can bring more meaning into our lives.

It feels so liberating not to worry about where we are going but to just enjoy wherever we are at right now. All we have is right NOW, the past is gone and the future doesn’t exist yet, so be alive and present right now wherever you are whatever you are doing!!


Practice, practice and soon it will become natural.

  • You can practice this anytime throughout the day, weather you are working, driving, talking to a friend, creating something interesting, taking a shower, eating or even just making a cup of tea or even mundane tasks like laundry or washing the dishes!
  • Try to focus all of your attention and energy on the task at hand. Pay attention to every aspect of what you are doing, to your body sensations and your thoughts.
  • If you notice your thoughts drifting, just become aware and gently bring yourself back to what you are doing.
  • Be grateful and feel joy that we are able to do these things and we will see that everything ca be an amazing experience, even washing the dishes!!
  • As you go throughout the day, try to become more present and honour each moment, and watch as the feeling of peace and joy unfolds.


Lots of love xx


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