Run, run as fast as you can, you cant catch me I’m Happiness!

Run, run as fast as you can you cant catch me I’m Happiness

Where can you find me?

Will you find me at the beach, on holiday?

Will you find me in your new car, or your new house?

Will you find me in your lover, in your husband or in your children?

If you were more confident, thinner, more beautiful would you find me then?

If you had a better job, would you find me there?

No…. Game over.

Stop running, stop chasing me.

You are looking in all the wrong places.

I have the best hiding place of all.

Look inside….

Under your limitations, beneath your wounds, far away from the outside world

Peekaboo here I am waiting for you, deep within yourself!

Come and find me, I am happiness.

Not the kind of happiness that comes and goes, that lasts for a moment or an hour.

I am a state of-being – a sense of well-being and contentment with life.

I live in harmony with sadness, anger and all the other emotions too but that’s part of being happy and whole.

Knowing yourself, your emotions, your truths and being able to love and accept your dark as well as letting your light shine bright.

And finding gratitude for all that you have been given in this life.

That’s where true happiness lies!

Come and find me