10 months in China

China was never a place that was top of my bucket list or somewhere I ever really planned on coming to live! But what else could take you thousands of miles across the world only love! And what else could keep you here for this long only 100s of cute Chinese kids that love you dearly!

China has been an experience to say the least. I cant say its somewhere I would ever want to live permanently. But I have enjoyed the China experience, sampled life in yet another part of the world and learned lots of valuable lessons along the way! But I’m not going to lie I’m also a little bit relieved to get out of this crazy place and breathe some fresh air!!

So here are the things I will miss about china, and the things I definantly will not miss!

What I will miss

  • My students – As a native speaker I thought that teaching English would be the perfect way to earn a living here. But actually I had no idea how to teach English when I came here! But I was up for the challenge and I knew that it would be something I would enjoy as I love kids. I never expected it to be as difficult as it was though! I had over 100 students each week with the most hilarious names like Lollipop, Tiger and Spider-Man to name a few! (clearly chosen by themselves) , I soon got to know them all! Some of my students were as young as 3 years old and I soon realised that you are more like an entertainer than a teacher because if they got bored that’s it you have lost them and then all havoc could break loose!  But after spending 10 months with them I grew to love each one of them even the naughty ones!hehe They have taught me so much….. undertstanding, compassion, how to live in the moment more,  a little Chinese and a lot of patience!! All their little souls will be forever in my heart. 


  • My job – the funny thing is I never even did an interview for this job before I came to china! We only chatted on wechat and I was like yeah ok il work for you so got my visa and flight ad everything, after hearing other horror stories about English teachers in china i had no idea what to expect. Luckily enough my school turned out to be awesome. And my boss was the most kind, generous and considerate person I have met in China. I feel so blessed to have gotten this opportunity and learnt so much there!
  • Cold noodles, sweet potato – my facourite foods in China and probably the only food I’m going to miss here!! 

  • The convenience of things – there are shops everywhere so anything you need is basically on your doorstep!

Things I definitely will not miss!

  • The staring – People are not used to seeing many foreigners in this city. And they just stare all the time so when they do of course they are intrigued and want to see! But sometimes you just get sick of people staring at you all the time! Especially the older generation, they just look you up and down to see what your wearing and then scrutinize every part of you like your some sort of alien creature! The worst is when they start to take pictures of you when they think you don’t notice or follow you and take videos of you. That really started to piss me off…. at least ask!!
  • The spitting – o my god this is probably the thing I hate most about China. Its standard for people to just spit anywhere and everywhere. I know its probably a culture thing but personally I find that absolutely disgusting! Especially in the winter when the pollution is worse you get a lot of mucous in your throat. And people have no shame they just hack that shit up and spit it anywhere!!! Once a kid did that in my class, and I honestly had to just leave the room, I thought I would vomit!
  • The food – Food has been  struggle for me here as a vegan. First of all eating out is always a risk because even if there is something vegetarian on the menu there is no garuntee that its not cooked in meat juice or flavouring! And also  I feel that the food quality is generally low here, with one of the largest population in the world they need to produce a lot of food so I imagine they use a lot of hormones and pesticieds and gmos to boost the yields. You can actually even taste it in some of the fruit and veg.
  • The pollution – I never really understood why Chinese people wore those masks that made them look like crazy surgeons in the loose  before I came here!  But I soon realised how bad the pollution actually is. Some days when its really bad its like you are walking inside a grey cloud. Once I was walking home from work and when I got home I realised my tongue was black and I realised it was from the pollution in the air. It taught me to always breath through my nose!0998B20D-84C1-4ED6-8C6E-ADF3C818AFA3
  • Waking up to a cacophony of beeps! I lived near a really busy road so there was just constant beeping all day long! Sometimes I would wear this big builders noise reduction headphones to get to sleep! How how I long to wake up to the sound of the birds in the morning!
  • The summer – So glad I’m not gonan be there for the summer again which reaches over 40 degrees…… no thanks!!