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Life is like making a Cake

We have the power to create the the life of our dreams, its just like making a cake….

rainbow cake 2First you create the picture in your mind of the kind of cake you would like to make. You decide what will be the base, what it will be filled with and exactly how you want it to look.

Then you write down all the ingredients you need to make that cake.

If you don’t already have the ingredients that you need then you go to the places where you know you will find them and you purposefully seek out those ingredients. 

Once you have all the things you need you start to put it all together step by step, carefully measuring and making little decisions in the process. 

Then you take it out of the oven, you have made a solid base and you begin filling it with your favorite things. 

Then you make it extra sweet with the icing and a cherry on the top!!

When you have finished you take a step back, look at that cake and think wow I created that and it all started with a thought, an image in my head. I manifested that into reality and it was effortless because I enjoyed the whole process!

We all have this power within us but first we need to know what kind of life we would like to live, create the picture in your mind, write it down and take tiny steps towards it every day. Even if sometimes that just means thinking about it. Never give up on your dreams, nothing is impossible!

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