I’m Martha Taloola peach,

Lover of life, yoga, travel and everything inbetween,

I embarked on my journey of self discovery when I travelled to India to study yoga .India was a life changing experience and  transformed me mentally, physically and spiritually. Since then I have continued on this path of spiritual growth and self-realisation while inspiring and healing others along the way.

I am passionate about travel, yoga, mediation, and healing. For me yoga is more than just a physical exercise. I believe that through your practice you should not only achieve physical strength but also mental clarity and spiritual awareness. Your practice should extend of the mat into your everyday life…

  • Carefully observing your though patterns, your actions and reactions without judgement
  • Learning to understand your emotions and express them in a healthy way
  • Building positive relationships
  • Living with love and compassion towards yourself and others
  • Contributing to humanity
  • Learning to dull your ego and master your mind
  • Continuously evolving and growing

My aim is to share stories from my travels and my own healing journey to help and inspire you on your journey.

Lots of love,