My Yoga Journey

I remember a time only 4 years ago when by back constantly ached, my posture was so bad and i had body pains that no 22 year old should have. Thats why I was drawn to the physical benefits of yoga, I felt that maybe it could help me and give me some relief.

I still remember my first yoga class, I couldn’t touch my toes and I felt so embarrassed about how un-flexible I was, I knew that I need this. Initially it was the physical relief it gave me that kept me going back. But as I practiced more, this dark cloud of negative thoughts was slowly lifting from my mind and I was beginning to see life in a whole new way. As I began to feel the mental clarity and emotional release, I knew that I had found a path that I wanted to follow.

After a year and a half of practicing I made the decision to travel to India alone. I doubted if I was ready for a teacher training but I was hungry to learn more and discover the roots of yoga. I studied and trained with traditional Indian yogic masters. As  I delved into yogic philosophy I realized that yoga is so much more than just the physical practice, the yogic path is a deep Spiritual Journey of understanding yourself.

Today I don’t practice yoga to be able to do advanced Asanas, but I am proud  of how far my body has come and I understand how powerful the mind body connection is. My body is only an instrument to understand the mind and achieve bliss.

I practice Yoga because it reminds me to slow down and listen to myself, it gives me an opportunity to explore within, it teaches me to understand and love myself every day, it helps me to stay focused on the things that are important in life, it gives me a passion and purpose and brings me peace even in the craziness of life.

My yoga Journey is still only just beginning and I will continue to elevate my awareness and knowledge. I feel forever grateful to have been shown this path and feel that its my dharma to share it with others.

I have truly felt the transformation that can happen through yoga and that’s why I want to teach. I want to share this experience so others can feel it too.

I truly believe that we can heal the world but that healing starts with you.

Divine timing

My synchronicity levels have been hitting the roof lately in so many interesting and unexpected ways! As I relax and place all my trust in the universe allowing it to gently guide me I feel like my life is unfolding in accordance with the divine timing of the universe

I truly believe that everything that happens in our lives happens at exactly the right moment. Like a fruit waiting to be ripe, opportunities come when we are ready, situations occur when we are equipped to deal with them, or past things pop up only when its time for them to be healed.

Every single thing that comes into our lives we have attracted ourselves either subconsciously or consciously. Sometimes they are the things our heart desires or sometimes it’s the things our soul needs for healing. The teacher appears when the student is ready. That teacher can come in many different forms, maybe a person we meet, a friend, a lover, a spiritual teacher, or your own inner guidance.

As I tune into my own life more and look at the things I have been attracting, I realise that there are lessons to be learned in the good times and the bad. In those times where we feel a little stuck or overwhelmed or when tough times come. We may not understand why this is happing to us at the time. But If we just take a step back and ask what is the universe trying to show me? How can I learn and grow from this situation?
Usually once the answer comes, it is followed by a profound lesson and a wonderful release.

If we learn to tune in and see life in this way, greater awareness and synchronicity with the universe will come.
Here are some affirmations I use to align myself with the universe:

“I trust that the universe gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time”

“My efforts are being supported by the universe”

“I trust in the divine timing of the universe”

“Life supports me in every possible way”

Lots of love


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