Pumpkins are not just for making pretty faces!

I have to confess I have had a slight pumpkin fetish lately! Pumpkins are seasonal in India at the moment and they are full of nutrients and easy to digest, a perfect food to balance your energies and nourish your soul. I have been experimenting some with some different ways to use them so here [...]

Food for the Soul

Some delicious and nutritious recipes from Lotsoflove Yoga retreat. I didnt really measure anything  but heres a guide so you can make your own at home 🙂  Quinoa Broccoli and Feta cheese salad Cook the Quinoa, leave to cool. You can lightly steam the broccoli or eat raw if you prefer. Chop the broccoli Chop [...]

Beetroot and magic bean chocolate cake

Mmmmm I love making this cake it's so quick and easy and tastes amazing! You would never guess it was made from beetroot and kidney beans and I love seeing people's faces when I tell them! Also it will be sure to impress any of your vegan or gluten free friends 🙂 Ingredients: 1 can [...]