Divine timing

My synchronicity levels have been hitting the roof lately in so many interesting and unexpected ways! As I relax and place all my trust in the universe allowing it to gently guide me I feel like my life is unfolding in accordance with the divine timing of the universe

I truly believe that everything that happens in our lives happens at exactly the right moment. Like a fruit waiting to be ripe, opportunities come when we are ready, situations occur when we are equipped to deal with them, or past things pop up only when its time for them to be healed.

Every single thing that comes into our lives we have attracted ourselves either subconsciously or consciously. Sometimes they are the things our heart desires or sometimes it’s the things our soul needs for healing. The teacher appears when the student is ready. That teacher can come in many different forms, maybe a person we meet, a friend, a lover, a spiritual teacher, or your own inner guidance.

As I tune into my own life more and look at the things I have been attracting, I realise that there are lessons to be learned in the good times and the bad. In those times where we feel a little stuck or overwhelmed or when tough times come. We may not understand why this is happing to us at the time. But If we just take a step back and ask what is the universe trying to show me? How can I learn and grow from this situation?
Usually once the answer comes, it is followed by a profound lesson and a wonderful release.

If we learn to tune in and see life in this way, greater awareness and synchronicity with the universe will come.
Here are some affirmations I use to align myself with the universe:

“I trust that the universe gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time”

“My efforts are being supported by the universe”

“I trust in the divine timing of the universe”

“Life supports me in every possible way”

Lots of love


Who can practice yoga?

Who can practice yoga?

There is one simple answer: EVERYONE!

Social media has a massive effect on how yoga is perceived by the public. On Instagram especially, yoga gets portrayed as glamorous, sexy gymnastics!

These posts emphasise the physical practice but what people are missing is the deep philosophical, mind, body healing and spiritual nature of yoga. They focus on difficult poses that are unattainable for most people. This can be intimidating and daunting to anyone wanting to start yoga!

I have often heard people say that they don’t have the right body for yoga or they are not flexible enough.

Let me tell you do not have to be anything to practice yoga, you just have to be. That is all.

Yoga is connection. Connecting with yourself, bringing awareness to yourself and into your life. Its your own personal journey.

So if you are new to yoga, or already practising here is some advice for you:

  • Never compare yourself to anybody else, your mind and body are unique to you.
  • Forget about trying to get into advanced poses this is not the goal! Work with your body whatever stage you are at now.
  • Awareness is key – not only being aware of your body but of your mind, your actions and reactions too.
  • Always practice with love and kindness towards yourself – don’t get frustrated with yourself if you cant do something, just pause, breathe and send love to the area you are working on.
  • It is better to fully understand one pose than to do 10 poses without understanding them so take your time in each pose.
  • Remember that we all need to start somewhere , relax and enjoy the journey.

Lots of love




Happy Earth Day!


Earth day –  a day to celebrate this beautiful earth that we live in and raise awareness about pollution.
I think its so important to understand that the harm we inflict on our surrounding environment will eventually hurt us.

I’m sharing this post about plastic pollution as its something I have become increasingly aware of lately especially living here in china! It makes me so sad to see what we are doing to our earth and we need to act now. Continue reading

My healing journey – the story I usually don’t tell!

This is a story that is very close to my heart and I am feeling a little vunerable sharing this but I feel that as its WORLD HEALTH DAY and the rates of mental illness and suicide are increasing it’s time to share, maybe it can help another person out there!

I was 14 when I first drank alcohol. I still remember so clearly the feeling that it gave me. This happy euphoric feeling that washed away all my worries. It gave me the confidence to be and say whatever I wanted, to be seen, to be heard. I had found the cure, the cure that I had been searching for, like a magic potion that made all my problems disappear. Continue reading

10 reasons I love travelling 

After working on cruise ships, solo backpacking in Thailand, studying and teaching yoga in India and now working as an esl teacher in China, as well as various other adventures in between I guess I have done my fair share of travelling. I have become quite the pro at packing my life into one bag and taking off to wherever in the world is calling me. So here’s why I love it: Continue reading