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Meditation… create a peaceful mind!

Developing a meditation practice is one of the most amazing things I have ever done for my self and the best tool on my spiritual path! I feel inspired to share mt experience of meditation with you because it has given me so much insight into myself and transformed my way of thinking and being!… Continue reading Meditation… create a peaceful mind!

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Stop Comparing!

You may not realise it but you have been comparing yourself to others your entire life. We compare ourselves with those who have more accomplishments, more money, seem more attractive, a bigger house, a better car, realationship, or more social popularity! Comparing ourselves to others only creates negative feelings which can lead to low self esteem. If… Continue reading Stop Comparing!

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Need a pickmeup?

Do you ever find yourself having a bad day that just doesn't seem to leave. Your energy is low or your are just down in the dumps? Here are some tips you can use to pick yourself up... Give yourself attention When your energy is low it is usually a sign that you need to take… Continue reading Need a pickmeup?

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Who are you?

Who are you? Are you the clothes that you wear? The way you style your hair? Are you that cute smile, that crazy dance? That first glance. The judgements that you make, Or the breath that you take.Those deep green eyes? Your nationality, your colour, your size? Or all the things your body can do?… Continue reading Who are you?

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Lots of Love Yoga Retreat

I have always dreamed of hosting my own yoga retreat and this weekend I did it!  It all came together perfectly with an amazing location,  some sunshine, and 18 beautiful souls to share the wonderful day with. Heres a little bit of what the day was like....  9:00am: We all met at the beautiful Cottage in… Continue reading Lots of Love Yoga Retreat

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How to cultivate love and compassion for every being on this planet, including yourself.

Your heart is a giver and a receiver. It puts out electrical energy and draws in magnetic energy. What we put out weather its love, fear, empathy, sadness and so forth it contains an incredible amount of power to shape and influence our reality. When we feel love in our heart center we naturally emit… Continue reading How to cultivate love and compassion for every being on this planet, including yourself.